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Side project 1- Logo design

Hanging Wall Sign MockUp 5.jpg

Role: Logo design (Solo Project)

Platform: Creative concept and Mockup

Tools I used for the project
About the project

This is redesign proposal for Dollarama Retail Group thorough with a new brand strategy. The Mission is to make the company become the cool, hip new brand Dollar Store for North America.

The problem and the solution

Dollarama is generally a poor customer experience with often poor customer service. The stores themselves feel tired and poorly maintained and the name which originally felt like a fun place to find incredible bargains now just appears a little sad and forgotten. My solution is by providing a new brand identity with a concept, a new name, visual brand assets including logo, color and typography, refresh their image and make their customers have better experiences.  


The first thing before creating the logo mockup, I started with researching competitors. 


Concept Strategy

  • Brand strategy

  • Target audience


Compile an analysis (using S.W.O.T. and Heuristics evaluations) of 3 competitor sites

Design the logo and mockups

Sketch the idea

  • Mood board

  • Typography

  • Brand name 

  • Logo idea sketch


Logo mockup
For the price tag, and a paper bag
I chose the color orange to give the impression of affability, exitement and welcoming to the store customers .
This logo is express the new store value of affordability, great quality with compelling price and customer-oriented.
Uniform mockup

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Side project 2- Typographic Poster

Frame 1.png

Role: Poster design (Solo Project)

Tools I used for the project
This was my first poster design. Using typography to practice the software Adobe Illustrator. I found it typography is really fun tool to create design. I will continue challenging myself to make different typographic poster. 

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Side project 3- Animated Typeface

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Role: Motion design (Group Project)

Tools I used for the project
About the project

This is an animated typeface project from school to practice in AE based on collaborative project where students create an animated typeface for a selected font. Each of us created a 3 – 4 one sec long sequences.  We shared same theme which is "surreal / Space" and the color pallets, then we all create own art direction. First I drew assets in Photoshop, and then brought them in After Effects to animate. 

Type E
It was inspired by the movie E.T. I use RGB splitting on the typeface E.
I used this effect because I wanted to create the nostalgic feeling as this old movie and my childhood memory.
Type T
T as tongue. I drew the purple lips so it gives surreal look.
I used glitch effect to make transition from typeface T to lips, then the tongue starts sticking out. It created kind of funky motion. 
Thank you for taking a look of my side projects!
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